Building Design System

An interactive web application ensures consistency within a document and enforces best practices in usage and in UI composition, visual composition, and typography.


Yodlee is the leading data aggregation and data analytics platform for digital financial services. we serve 12 of the 20 largest U.S. banks and hundreds of Internet services companies.

Defining the organization's identity, tone, experience is crucial. Having a design system acts as a savior. It closes the crevice between the Designers and engineers who work on numerous products together.

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Building a design system for Yodlee

A design system is developed in partnership with a product team as a whole (programmers, engineers, designers, product managers, etc.)

Design Systems involve a lot of decision making. Ideally, we work together form a committee to work on it; inventory all of their current digital product assets (colors, logos, headers, footers, forms, code, etc.) and try to get an agreement on how things should be designed, coded, presented, and discussed.


As a UX designer at Envestnet | Yodlee. I designed and developed a style guide system using HTML5, CSS3. Owner of the Style Guide. I collaborated with Product Management and other senior designers to apply user-centered design methods to translate user needs. business objectives, and technology capabilities into innovative user experiences.

The goal of a design system is to help teams achieve higher efficiency, consistency, and scalability when building digital products. It encompasses components, patterns, shapes, Icons, Illustrations, Animations, Voice and tone, Sounds

  • Building and maintaining a design system is a time-intensive activity which requires an active collaboration

  • Design systems thrive on simplicity.

  • A design system is never complete

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