Motorola File Manager

Redesigning the motorola file manager app (UX, UI, Mobile)

Motorola File Manager helps you handle all your files whether they are stored on your device's main storage or on a microSD card.

-File category: browse files easily by category right from the Motorola File Manager Home screen, including your pictures, music, videos, archive, documents, and recent files. It's quick and easy to access files in each category.                                   -File operations: allows you to copy, move, rename, delete, compress and decompress ZIP files, create encrypted ZIP files and share files.
-Storage info: easily see the location of each category file and SD card usage.
-One-key transfer: only one click is required to transfer all pictures, music, and video files from the phone's internal storage to the external SD card. Transferred files are stored in the FileBrowser folder on the external SD card.
-Global search: search in all folders and files on the device.
-Remote Management: conveniently browse files on the device from your computer with remote management.



The Moto File Manager play store negative rating increased by 20%. This has been flagged as a major concern by the Business Unit. As a UX Designer, my responsibility was to re-design and improve the user experience and aiming towards
1) Improve the user experience 

2) Efficient User Task Flow 

3) Better Navigation and Findability


My role: UX strategy, design and research  

As a UX Designer part of product team, I led the re-design strategy from concept to launch. I worked on research and re-design. I was involved in the following activities over the course of the project


Comprehensive understanding 

Stakeholders interview 

Define  and ideate

Report customer needs, Defining objectives, goals, use cases, problem framing, business goal, user goal, success metrics, concept designs.

Prioritize (ROI, Impact)

List solutions (constrains)  

Challenge: The current version of the application was developed without considering insights from the end user. The app was preinstalled on Motorola devices and the application lacked latest functionalities and had a lot of usability issues which made this product  complicated and hard to use. 

Problem to solve:  Improve the user experience and functionality, efficient User Task Flow, better Navigation and Findability

Solution: Apply user-centric design. Listen to user needs and fix usability issues and improve functionality

Constrain: We had time crunch with just 2 weeks to design and development with just one developer working on the project 

Design Process 


1) Heuristic Evaluation & Usability  testing

2) User interviews 

3) Empathy Mapping

4) Competitor analysis 


1) User persona

2) Task flow

3) Wireframe

Develop: (validate)

1) Jam/Brainstorming

2) User Interface & Experience

3) Visual Design






Empathy Mapping

Heuristic Evaluation

What users looking for?

User's Pain point

Users who uses the application want something robust, and we should enable our users to use it unambiguously, that means by giving them access to all the internal/external folders, considering system root permissions

         1) Lack of USB OTG support

        2) Issues in copying files within the phone or to SD card

        3) Cannot create, sort and hide folders

        4)  Problems with deleting files

        5) Moving files to and from SD card is a pain

Usability issues

  1. No folder based result

  1. No OTG (On The Go adapter) support

  1. Scrolling is not persistent and the number of selected items are not displayed

  1. Contextual progress: when pictures are selected to transfer, the progress bar shows audios, videos etc.


Biggest pain point for Moto File Manager users is - lack of USB OTG support. Right now customers deal with this in two ways – either use 3rd party file managers for all their file management, or use Moto for file management and 3rd party app for OTG transfers. Google Files has OTG support but it lacks many essential features which users love and want, Moto users will use Google Files for OTG transfers and Moto File Manager for the rest of their file management.

01. OTG(On The Go adapter)- CHECKPOINTS


03. Folder based media

04. Responsive Menu


Increase in positive rating and spike in app installs from 5 Million to 8 Million


  • Sometimes a simple fix can solve a big problem. Focusing on user needs is way too important than fixing something that we feel is broken.

  • Dogfooding - it important to use our own product