Nishanth Kumar (NIY-SHAHN-TH)

Nishant is a curious human who enjoys finding simple, intuitive, and delightful solutions to problems. Passionate about design, design thinking, research, and problem-solving.

He believes good design is usable, simple, and attractive. In order to create a good design, it requires a fine balance of user empathy, usability, aesthetics, keen business acumen, and a deep understanding of the users.

Early in his career, he fell in love with human cognition, design, and the need for human-centered design. 

He believes the UX process is like movie making which involves a lot many things, but ultimately the movie that we see on the screen is the result that matters. he works in an agile design process of the double diamond framework and tries to capture the holistic nature of the problem before designing a solution. he believes constant iteration of testing and validation refine the design. Approach. he believes SIMPLE is the new SMART and that reflects in his work.

He has extensive experience as a UX Designer working with product and development teams for companies such as Rakuten, Motorola, Zynga, Yodlee. designing solutions to complex business, social and technical challenges. 

He is currently pursuing Masters in Visual & Experience Design at the University of Europe Applied Sciences, Berlin. and has completed a bachelor's in Design and Applied Arts from the University of Mysore, India.

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